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Australian Peak Oil Awareness & Discussion

Preparing for the Post Carbon World in Oz

Peak Oil and Australia
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Peak Oil is a term you may have just come across, or you may have been familiar with for some time. The facts are simple: the world is using an exponentially increasing amount of oil. Oil reserves are finite, and are close to peaking in production, or may already have peaked. While we cannot know exactly how long we have til the situation becomes drastic, it is fairly basic logic to reach the conclusion that we cannot sustain this high energy use lifestyle forever. If we don't begin preparation for the lower energy use we will be inevitably forced to adopt, we may well not survive. It really is that simple.

This community has been created for Australians [and anyone concerned or nearby] to communicate, share information, and discuss plans and possibilities for the future. It is for those who are ready to stop sleepwalking and prepare for the harder times that are most likely ahead.
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